Saturday, November 28, 2009


[NOTE : I'll be using "real" and "fake" a lot. Regret for the inconvenience and possible boredom!!]

I may not be making any specific point here, but I think that this must resonate with everyone's life!!

Before anything, I need to define my scope of "real" here.
The "real" that I am talking about would comprise of things and people around
you who you know are there with you i.e there's "seems" to be a "genuine bond"
between these entities and you.

When I say, "seems", I think I have already blurred the existence of something real.
So, for now, I say "real" means the state of these entities as it has turned out to be,
in your interactions with these entities, till now or whatever period of time
you've shared.

It, hence, also means, that it is subject to change if you are still interested in knowing
how the state would change or just in the entity.
( :) )

Now, what if the things you think of as real, don't exist?
It may not be of any value, in case you don't give a shit because you've predicted it well
or whatever the reason is.
But, if you do give a shit, simply because you have to survive with them or may be because
you hope to have a healthy environment around you; you like to establish some kind of acquaintance, which luckily, sometimes, ripens over time and it feels so "real".

But, what if the most real thing turns out to be fake??To what extent would you go to
consider it real??

Take the face value of things?? And pray that your beliefs hold right and you don't get betrayed??
Or, Decide in your mind that you'll follow the "blindly believe" concept for once at least
and see what happens. (The above two sound quite the same I think).

Or, take time to weigh things carefully??
But, how long would that be before you decide on the "real" value of something because
life has to go on and sooner or later, that'll have to be done and somewhere, as far as my
experience of first twenty years of my life goes, that value is to be found at least
tentatively or you get stuck in the "who is who??" game.

As a result, you may not be happy even if the happiness comes in the course of
considering in genuine things to be genuine and while this period of hide and seek lasts,
either your dream gets over or you become blindly vulnerable by the time the big jolt
may smash you in the heart and the head!! And then, who do you turn to??
The fake or the "really fake"!!

But, as you are not aware if it's genuine or not; so should you, base your happiness on
something that even you are not sure of??

And in case, your formidable trust gets shaken??
You based your happiness on something out of the blue!!
How do you now get out of the blue??
The fake sure was fake and the real too, turns out to be fake??

Knowing these facts, one may decide not to enter such streets, but since life is not just about channeling the traffic in one street, what if unknowingly, unintentionally you
tread on this territory and return back having paid a huge cost - Vulnerability,
broken trust, disbelief...Guess life becomes scarier sometimes with bitterness added...

May be that's why they say, "Life is the greatest teacher"..or at least I say it!!

[Can't think anymore right now. Hence, the abrupt end!]

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