Sunday, July 17, 2011


At first I ignored all hints that could lead me to you. I was happy with my life on Orkut.
All I heard was, Facebook is so much better than Orkut and I couldn't understand that because both of you were social networking sites.
My brother told me you can see friend updates in your account and that sort of stuff. But obviously, given my nature, I'm hard to please!
However, I realized that not just the number of my friends on Facebook increased but also their visits on Orkut started dwindling and that's Jab We Met!!

I got friend invites from people in college and school.
It was fine until I got sucked up in the vicious circle of updating status, commenting on photos, tagging them, changing profile pictures, information etc., poking each other, writing on each others' Wall.
Every time any friend does something, FACEBOOK wise that is (;), I get a notification. It's also because I've enabled it but that's why you're there too--social networking.

I see people upload photos and their friends discussing the weirdness of the content. I see people making mountain of a molehill for the sake of fun on Wall posts and the bomb---status!!!

No networking site have I ever been this addicted to! Not that I like going there all the time, but it's become more of a daily habit.
If something happens, it automatically starts taking shape in my mind in the form of a Facebook status. All I need to do is Share it! 
If that something involves photos, all I need to do is upload them. In fact, photos are clicked with THIS intention too.       
And this new option of post a Question--
From the most stupid questions to well average ones, keep flooding my profile expecting me to answer them.
It really doesn't interest me quite frankly and thankfully!  

It doesn't just end at that. After uploading/sharing, first, if one is a new user and likes talking to people even if casually, the ghost of "expecting Comments and Likes in return" will haunt them!
Slowly and gradually they frequent you so much so that time difference between their last and current LogIn could be less than 30 or 60 minutes. Time flies while people navigate from one profile to another.
For some serious cases of addiction like me, deactivation suits best.
However, so strong it is that the very first day I reactivated it twice!

Sure you're an addiction in many ways but also you are my "newspaper". All the scams, blasts, wars and whatever happens around, You, my dear Facebook have been the source of information through the various pages that I have Liked! You have been a witness to some of my most EXTENDED discussions about well, a variety of things.

Now, as if you haven't already done enough, you come up with video calling! Though, it won't be any consolation to hear that I am "friends" with your rival Google+, which I have to say has pretty attractive interface and most of the functionality that you have but ya, video conferencing with 10 people  at a time is definitely pretty COOL!

Anyway, you still remain the networking site that I visit the most. I can't promise any long term relationship but I can say it'll last a while.
I hope to make the best out of it as you have nothing to lose but I have my concentration at stake!!!

P.S. A word on Apps--I don't use them. Hence, the little peace that's left in my life!


  1. woooh !!!!! super-duper like !!!!!

  2. very well written... superlike !!! shared on g+1

  3. whaaooo..!!! there is smthing in ur writing skill which attracts d reader... njoyd to read dat.

  4. okay... so i m definitely an addict.. but i m not going off yet. maybe i will switch to Google + eventually, if everyone else does.
    I am amazed though that you managed to state almost all of FB's features. Very nice :)

  5. very interesting piece of writing.
    And i think i am familiar with your activating-deactivating of fb account :)

  6. Nice post....

    However migration of millions of users from Orkut to Facebook and the severe condiotion of any Facebook addict can't be explained in few lines...
    But you summarized it well
    Nice work :) :)

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  8. Heye! Good stuff! I'm sharing this. :)