Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brain ingredients of an avid eater!

Yes, I have a huge appetite for good food. I love eating. I love trying new food, cuisines.
At the same time, I don't really know much about cooking. I try knowing names of ingredients in whatever I happen to eat.
You may be a big eater and a great cook too and vice versa. So, all the latter has to do is remember names of what they ate, how it looked or tasted and they can always have more. I belong to this obviously. Less work is always attractive and delicious.

Important thing to remember about people of my community is that wherever we go, we think in food equivalent terms.
For e.g.

1. Parties-
Always nice to go as you get FREE food. However, it may not always be good. But such people can always fixate on what they like in there and fill their stomachs. Bole to "paisa vasool" or "time vasool"!

2. Money-
Well this has started happening with me now. I see it as the next, higher level of my ravenousness.
Like I mentioned earlier about the food equivalent terms, here're some examples of what I mean. Consider I stumble upon say, 100Rs. approx (Let's start small :P)

So that equals -


a) 1 Chicken Strips [=3 boneless chicken pieces..hihaha :D] or
b) 1 Large Chicken Pop [popcorn like sweet,salty chicken balls... :D] or
c) 2 Regular Chicken Pops or
d) (1 Regular Chicken Pop or Coleslaw) and 1 umm..KFC choco lava (It's called by another name..can't remember
it..something "Amor" bla bla) or
e) 1 Crusher or
f) 1 Fiery Grilled too I think etc. ;)
And yet, I have to try more. :D

At McD-

a) 1 BIG Spicy Chicken Wrap or
b) 1 Small Shake and 1 Chicken McSpicy or
c) 1 Small shake and 1 Small French fries..etc. etc.

At Domino's-

a) 1 Choco Lava (That's all I eat there usually..) or
b) Garlic Bread with Cheese dip etc. (or may be without) :D

At Pizza Hut-

a) These Pan Pizzas there are quite fantastic and they cost umm.. Rs.99 I ya, something like that.

If I have to put that green leaf to good use, it's the non-veg way.
I eat veg too..but I get really good kicks out of talking about non-veg.
If anyone of you is a KFC/non-veg maniac, you'll understand it. Your stomach may be full (mine? rarely ever :P), but your heart always, ALWAYS craves for MORE!!!
The day I heard KFC had an outlet in Jaipur too, my delirium broke all fences.
Now, I hope they have more than one outlets here..may be one every five kms. :D


They can be irritating, sure. But for all their subscribing to any such service is worth, there's every chance that given a tempting offer, foodies may reach there to eat at discounted prices.


I have had a special bond with Cheese since my school days. It's because of this that I have come to respect the need of distance between us because there's no mutuality when it comes to bearing the consequences of eating it day in and day out.
So, when I stumbled over cheese cubes, cheese slices(white and yellow both), cheese spread and also processed cheese
it was no surprise that all those amazing, happy memories of my school days started clouding my mind. Special thing about this processed cheese's tin was it had the recipe for baked vegetables printed on it.
That was torture enough! I put that tin in my shopping basket trying to calculate the number of times I'd have to eat baked vegetables etc. to empty that tin and how irrestibly I would do that even when my head would tell me to go slower.
There I was, caught in a self-conflict, trying to get hold of the cheese slices..not the ten slice packet but five slices..that wouldn't be much..I haven't had it in years..I can have the 5 slices, right? No! You take one step back and you fall down this abyss of temptation not to mention bad health and the only way you'd stop falling is because you got stuck in it!
Huh! I didn't buy it. When food is orgasmic to you, it's really hard to bear those pangs of spearation.

Also, if you are in my position, you may be no stranger to these Food Fantasies. Something like, your favourite food calls out to you if you haven't had it in a while. Your olfactory lobes retrieving that familiar, delectable fragrance and you picture yourself at the center where you'll find the object of your desire, eating but eating slowly (to make it last longer or may be something to do with those slow motion food commercials where the pretty lady gently presses her pouty mouth on her food and stylishly takes a bite, supposed to make you arrive at their stations drooling), relishing and savouring every bite and how that calms you down for the time being while making the urge to eat wilder and wilder until you get your share.
Something like, you waited eagerly for your partner to return feeling horny all the while and they say "NOT TONIGHT!!"



  1. the more i read it, the more i crave for dominos pizza or the Yo! China sizzler!!! its like while reading i was enjoying my favorite meals in my mind and wanted it to never come to an end, just the way i wanted your post to continue and keep savoring, but it had an end...sadly :P
    very enthusiastically conveyed the love [read lust :P] for food.

  2. haha..thank you and I hope you grab the object of your desire very soon.

  3. nice food foood.:D:D..Italian me paasta,just love it.shaadiyon me sweet dishes and pizza hut k unlimited pan pizzas at rs 149 that comes to around rs 180 after all those,ambuj and akshat ate 15 & 18 pan pizzas respectively on the two occassions we have gone for that unlimited stuff..and the face of the waiter at the end..hahahaa.sadme me tha bechaara..:):D

    1. Tum log to mujhse bhi zaada petu ho re!

    2. hahaha....yuppppsssss,much more than what you can imagine...:D:D

  4. ha ha... nice CHEESEy Post.... :P :P
    It shows how much u like CHEESE
    and ur love about Food...(Especially Junk Food)
    Maybe someday if u got into a govt. job then instead of money u will be taking CHEESE as bribe ;) :P :P LOL

  5. I did a blunder by reading dis post with an empty stomach...
    KFC , domino's , pizza hut...ufff
    can't wait now
    going to have these stuffs
    bye :-P