Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Raping back Rapists!

Delhi's rape news reminded me of a conversation that I had with a friend of mine, Arushi, the co-writer for this article, which basically asked for instilling fear for punishment so that no such act takes place in the first place and if it does, the punishment would be fierce enough to make others think twice before they do anything.

It is sad that we have to think of such measures, but her point was that the best protection is not that you have someone protecting you. Rather, that even if no one is guarding you, the consequences of hurting you would be far too great than the pleasure of hurting you. That whatever is done to you now, much worse would be done to the culprit.

That was her but I fail to define "fierce". No punishment can possibly be good enough for rape. Capital punishment. Too easy. Torture. Again, too broad a category. Plus do we really want legally sanctioned torturers? How do you un-torture someone who was wrongly accused. How much is too much? And the most important question, where do you find people willing to go this far to make this country safe for the rest of us?

However, there can be plenty of ways to make those douche bags taste humiliation, pain, agony, helplessness and eventual death. But again, does anyone really want to get their hands that dirty? Maybe. 

The police can inspire absolute obedience, if they are not hindered. But then again, who will police them? Its all a snarled tangle. But while I can simply call it that and leave it, our government cannot. Because it has a duty to treat all its citizens equally, and that includes making it okay for women to be 
able to live and breathe freely and safely because essentially, slowly and slowly, that is what is being taken away.

Here's what this post is about though. Capital punishment while most people find agreeable for these rapists, there are people trying to hold moral grounds and talk of reformative measures.

To all those people honestly, you couldn't have possibly put yourself in that girl's place or any rape victims' place!

Also, as principled as those views sound, how on Earth can you think that the victim's family would be ready to take any of those rapists money earned by servitude to Cancer and AIDS patients. Is that not putting a price on her suffering. So do a few lakhs or even a few crores solve everything? Is cash all there is to life.

Why would the patients possibly want to be served by those reprobates when they get to know who they are? Especially consider this. How will you protect the staff and the patients from these rapists? A patient is in a hospital for a reason. A weak person may not even be able to call out for help. Do these people realize that cancer and AIDS patient are terminal a lot of the times? What crime did those people commit to suffer this indignity?

And just to point it out, this so-called reform drive of yours, isn't it for those who have already committed the crime? So it only makes others think that its okay to rape because all they will have to do is community service. Which is essentially the softest punishment out there.

How do you intend to spot potential rapists with these reforms? How do you propose to instill the same morals in a rapist-to be? There is no answer, because the laws even as they are now are better than that pathetic option. And God knows they're not working. Please stop worrying about the criminals and worry about the victims for once? Do try and remember who actually got hurt, rather than who gives you the moral high ground.

Of course, it trickles down to morals but morals once lost and manifested in such debauch acts call for something extreme. That 'something' will hopefully be defined and delivered in the most fitting way to those culprits by the government.

The society at large is rightly outrageous and the so-called moralists, it's your time now!


  1. There is a great schism between how women view rape and how the state reacts. Even The National Commission for Women recently came up with a host of suggestions to deal with rape in the country. But it has recommended very short terms for rapists. I wonder why? Does the commission think that a rapist can be 'cured', or would regret his crime by spending a few years behind bars? Though India does not have any strict laws, the rate of conviction in rape is abysmal.
    It is still very tough for a woman to come out openly and say she has been raped. And after she does that, little or no action is taken in majority of the cases. Insecurity, public censure,lack of support drives some women to take the extreme step – commit suicide.

    I think, the judgement should be swift, and punishment should be torture.It should serve as a lesson to all those dirty minds which should shudder at the very thought of performing such acts.

  2. I totally agree with your point.Once a henious crime like this is committed you just cant go for moral measures for the treatment of such malefactors.The only punitive measure they deserve is 'execution' and i even call for a public assassination. But forget about the latter one,even if they get the former one,it will also be enough to some extent to make these criminals think a hundred times before playing with the lives of all those victims who tend to loose the meaning of their lives after such heart wrenching incidents.Creating a fear in the mind of all these sinisters is a must to ensure that they do not treat women as a toy to play on their lust.And if the so called 'socialists' or 'moralists' are really interested in reforming the minds of people,let them do that by organizing camps to change the pschcology and mentality of people.Make them realize that they are human beings and they live in a civilized society.These moral reforms are also a must as you just cant wait for an assault to take place and then hang the culprit.We have to stop this and this can be only done if we get the basics right.But all these plans and reforms have to be worked out before someone becomes a victim of such brutal assaults,not afterwards.
    But at the end of the day,if such opprobrius incidents occur,the last line should be "to be hanged till death".

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  4. I concur with your view.. Nothing would be enough as a punishment. Even execution of the culprit won't be justified.But I believe, stricter punishment is not the only solution. There has to change brought in at different levels by different segments of this society.
    At judicial and executive level, stringent laws have to be introduced.It's unbelievable, why the Laws have not been amended so far.It's not the first case.
    Secondly,as correctly pointed by Chitransh in above comment, the role of socialists and reformists. They need to be more proactive and organize campaigns and sessions.
    Last, society should accept the victim. Society needs a whole make-over of their mind-set in this regard. We, as a society, becomes outrageous when such an incident happens, we show our anger and what all.. But does society at large have the capacity, courage to accept the victim, taking into consideration that here in India, a family's honor is related to Women of the house. Can this mind-set be changed. Because until the society changes this view-point, I guess, no punishment is Enough. A victim will live as a victim through-out her life.
    That's just my point of view.

  5. No one can disagree with your thoughts in this post. And I am also going to write almost similar comment as previous ones.
    The points of discussion are :
    1. Punishment : Firstly these decisions should be taken fast. Pending decisions will give the victims and their families more pain which is completely intolerable.
    "No punishment in enough" most repeated line. If our law becomes brutal like those countries where these type of criminals are castrated, hanged in front of crowd, stones are thrown on that person etc. then like your post's title "Raping back Rapists" publicly, will definitely set an example. But will also bring us in the same category of cruel people. And our country's law denies to sink that level of inhumanity. But still realization is important and those culprits should be sentenced to death.

    2.Recovery of Victims : You are right that people do not pay much heed to the suffered victim afterwards. This actually depends on our own society, where we have to accept them with not just sympathy but with due respect. Our Government should take measures to help them, like on economic level, giving them treatment (both physical & mental). And for this we have to show faith in our system, where we can together make it possible. Social bodies should come up with campaigns and I believe everyone will support them for this cause.

    3.Prevention : This is most important in order to avoid such heinous crimes in future. I just heard in news that Anti Stalking Helpline numbers, putting of D/L nos. of Drivers etc., posting of more Female IPS Officers and other security measures are taken by our government. But more than this, such cases will go low if respect for women increases in our society. And this will happen only by making people aware of the facts. Bringing equality for men and women is a big issue and complete removal of such cases will happen only if we remove the conservative feelings and social evils which have percolated deep during previous years in roots of our society. Only correct ethics can fix it permanently.

    Such incidents are shameful and do arise abhorrence for our own culture, but there is always a room for improvement. There were social bodies and few intellects years ago,who removed social evils like "Sati Pratha" and made "Widow remarriage" possible. I believe change is inevitable and it will definitely come. And we people together by doing as much as possible on our own level can make it happen.