Thursday, April 23, 2009


The second semester has already started and so have studies, in college at least..My studies haven't. Every day I feel like I'll start from today, but it doesn't seem to happen...

Can anyone please give me tips to feel motivated and start studying after taking exams that went horribly wrong to the extent that I don't wanna think about the result which is 6,7 months away, anyway...
What do you do when there's so much to do but u feel like doing nothing??

It's such a messy situation..College's great but studies nowhere...I don't really like this combination..
It should be Great studies, great college time and it falls in place in my mind...

Well, I hope I begin from today...



  1. "FOCUS" ...

    I have never found any other word as motivating as this one... So, no big statements.. I have just one word for U..

    "FOCUSSSSSS" !!!

    Tommorow never comes, and there is no WRONG time to do the RIGHT thing.. better start NOW.. thn 2 think-- sumtime 2day.. or 2mmoro.. !!!

    Again, FOCUS !!

  2. Try to study with some breaks in between and listen to ur favourite songs, hope it helps :)